Catherine Fife MPP, Waterloo

Government of Ontario

Create an Ontario Caregiver Support Benefit

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To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

WHEREAS over 3.3 million Ontarians report as having been an unpaid caregiver;

WHEREAS nearly 300,000 Ontario caregivers have experienced financial hardship because

of their caregiving responsibilities;

WHEREAS 77% of caregivers have had to dip into their savings, and 66% feel overwhelmed with their responsibilities;

WHEREAS right now, caregivers in Ontario have no way to access direct financial supports when they are forced to leave their job, reduce their hours, or drop out of school in order to take care of their children, parents, or family members;

WHEREAS numerous advocacy organizations, including the Canadian Cancer Society, MS Canada, Community Living Ontario, & the Alzheimer's Society of Ontario, support legislation to create an Ontario Caregiver Support Benefit (OCSB);


Be it resolved that the Ontario government pass Motion 94 to create an Ontario Caregiver Support Benefit (OCSB) that will provide a paid, direct financial benefit to unpaid caregivers in the province of Ontario.