Catherine Fife MPP, Waterloo

Government of Ontario


Catherine and her office are always looking for volunteers to collaborate with. You can join Catherine in the community to share what she has been working on and to hear what is most important to constituents. In addition you can work with her office to organize public events or develop and distribute petitions.

Please contact her office to join in the local community engagement. Call 519-725-3477 or Email [email protected].

Track and Enforce Landlord and Tenant Orders: Amend the Residential Tenancies Act to include provisions for tracking Landlord and Tenant Board of Ontario orders as well as mechanisms to ensure enforcement.

Support Rent Protection for All Ontario Tenants: Pass MPP Peter Tabuns’ Bill 106, Rent Protection for All Tenants Act, 2017, which will ensure that all Ontario tenants are protected by rent-control guidelines in the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006.

Stop Doug Ford From Interfering in Municipal Elections: Petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to immediately reverse Doug Ford's unilateral decision to dismantle Toronto City Hall and cancel regional chair elections; to maintain the existing
Toronto municipal boundaries; and ensure that the provincial government does not interfere with the upcoming Toronto municipal election for Ford's political gain.

Support the Till Death Do Us Part Act: Ensure that seniors have the right to live together as they age.

Establish a Timeline for Optometry Negotiations: the Ontario government has underfunded optometric care for 30 years. Encourage the government to immediately establish a timeline and a process for renewed negotiations concerning optometry fees.

Universal Pharmacare for all Ontarians: Necessary prescription medications shouldn't put Ontarians into debt, we need to develop a universal pharmacare plan.

Action needed for Alzheimer’s patients and their families: Implement a comprehensive strategy for the rapidly growing needs of those living with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia.

Coverage Needed for Braces: Amend dental coverage under Healthy Smiles Ontario to include coverage for braces.

Lyme Disease Strategy for Ontario: Develop an integrated strategy on Lyme disease consistent with the Action Plan of the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Maintain Services for Youth with Mental Health Needs: Consolidate access, accountability and research for treatment of youth mental illness under one ministry – The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and provide continuity of care under the same ministry during the critical age period of 14-25 years old.

Midwife Pay Equity: Ontario’s Healthcare industry currently has a gendered wage gap of 37%. Sign today to end this unfair practice.

Ombudsman Oversight for Ontario Hospitals: Expand the Ombudsman mandate to include Ontario hospitals, long-term care homes, and other front-line care organizations.

Stop DBT Wait Times: People across Ontario are waiting years to access vital Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care needs to stop these wait times today.

Stop Moving Medical Procedures out of Hospitals: Demand a more thorough long-term analysis before Ontario continues its agenda to move procedures out of public hospitals and into private clinics.

Ontario ID Must Affirm Gender: Ontario must immediately adopt the Ontario Human Rights Commission recommendation to amend Ontario ID to affirm Gender.

Protect Water as a Public Good: Ontario must prioritize public ownership of water over corporate interests and fund the accessibility of free drinking water in public spaces.

Conduct Environmental Assessment on Line 9: Conduct an environmental assessment of Enbridge’s proposed line 9 reversal and capacity expansion projects.

Stop Bill 66 - Protect Our Drinking Water & Environment: Keep hard won protections for children, consumers, workers and the environment 

Stop Cuts to Education: The Ontario government is cutting $250 Million away from children's classrooms every year - over four years this takes $1 billion away from students. With thousands fewer teachers, bigger class sizes and less help for kids we must stop these changes. Cutting the budget on the backs of children is wrong.

Stop the Cuts to Full Day Kindergarten: direct the Ford government to take full-day kindergarten off the chopping block, oppose any plan to increase class sizes, and instead listen to families and education workers by making things better for kids, not worse.

Implement Truth and Reconciliation Commission Recommendations: create curriculum for each academic year on residential schools, Treaties, and Aboriginal peoples’ historical and contemporary contributions to Canada.

Protect Ontario's Sexual Health Curriculum: direct the Ministry of Education to continue the use of the Ontario 2015 Health and Physical Education curriculum in Ontario schools.

Expand AODA Service Animal Protection: Expand the AODA’s definition of a protected service animal, and empower the office of the Attorney General to provide ID cards for all protected guide and service animals/dogs.

Fund Family Created Housing: Reduce the housing waitlist by funding family created supportive housing for Ontarians living with disability.

Help for Ontarians Living with Disability: Assist Ontarians living with Disabilities to gain meaningful employment.

Reform the Family Responsibility Office (FRO): Identify enforcement actions as separate line items within the FRO budget to alleviate enforcement responsibilities from those providing primary care.

Support Ontario Families with Autism: Direct the Ontario government to invest in equitable, needs-based autism services for all children who need them. 

Living Wages in Post-Secondary EducationEnd the practice of contracting out front-line jobs, and provide fair stable hours of work as well as equitable remuneration

Ontario Needs Family Court Harassment Legislation: With roughly 54,000 cases of non-compliance in Ontario, costly delay tactics such as court harassment must be stopped.

Ontario Needs Missing Person’s Legislation: Implement Missing Persons’s Legislation that grants investigators the opportunity to apply for permissions to access information that will assist in determining the whereabouts of missing persons.

Open a Temporary DriveTest site in Waterloo Region: The Government of Ontario must address the backlog by opening a temporary DriveTest site in Waterloo Region. 

All-Day, Two-Way Go Rail Service: The Government of Ontario must provide firm funding and a clear timeline for a delivery of this service along the full length of the vital Kitchener GO Corridor

Bill 37, Protecting Vulnerable Road Users: Ontario's Highway Traffic Act allows drivers who seriously injure or kill a vulnerable road user to avoid meaningful consequences. Sign this petition to call on the Government of Ontario to commit to reducing the number of traffic fatalities 

Stop Ford from Cutting Wages and Benefits: Petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to reverse the cuts to paid sick days, the minimum wage, and equal pay for equal work provisions.