Catherine Fife MPP, Waterloo

Government of Ontario


Catherine and her office are always looking for volunteers to collaborate with. You can join Catherine in the community to share what she has been working on and to hear what is most important to constituents. In addition you can work with her office to organize public events or develop and distribute petitions.

Please contact her office to join in the local community engagement. Call 519-725-3477 or Email [email protected].

Universal Pharmacare for all Ontarians: Necessary prescription medications shouldn't put Ontarians into debt, we need to develop a universal pharmacare plan.

Coverage Needed for Braces: Amend dental coverage under Healthy Smiles Ontario to include coverage for braces.

Protect Water as a Public Good: Ontario must prioritize public ownership of water over corporate interests and fund the accessibility of free drinking water in public spaces.

Expand AODA Service Animal Protection: Expand the AODA’s definition of a protected service animal, and empower the office of the Attorney General to provide ID cards for all protected guide and service animals/dogs.

Support Ontario Families with Autism: Direct the Ontario government to invest in equitable, needs-based autism services for all children who need them. 

Living Wages in Post-Secondary EducationEnd the practice of contracting out front-line jobs, and provide fair stable hours of work as well as equitable remuneration

All-Day, Two-Way Go Rail Service: The Government of Ontario must provide firm funding and a clear timeline for a delivery of this service along the full length of the vital Kitchener GO Corridor

Join the Fight for 10 Permanent Paid Sick Days: Workers need 10 permanent, employer-paid sick days each year so they can stay home when they are sick or are caring for a sick child, giving them time to recover and protecting co-workers and customers from getting sick too.