Catherine Fife MPP, Waterloo

Government of Ontario

Ontarians deserve affordable licensed childcare not empty Liberal promises

Published on June 6, 2017

QUEEN’S PARK – Catherine Fife, Ontario NDP Early Years and Child Care Critic, issued the following statement.

“Today’s announcement by Ministers Hunter and Naidoo-Harris does nothing to ease parents’ struggles to find affordable child care in this province. Unfortunately, it was revealed to be little more than a publicity stunt by a Liberal government more concerned about its political fortunes ahead of next year’s election than about the urgent needs of families.

The Wynne Liberals announced a plan to make a plan when it comes to child care and that’s not good enough. The Liberals want credit for years of doing nothing while waiting lists grew and affordable, quality child care became harder to find. Parents deserve action to make affordable, quality, licensed child care spaces available right away.

After 14 years of Liberal government, Ontarians pay the highest child care fees in the nation. For all those moms and dads deciding whether going to work is even worth it, it’s clear the Liberals just don’t get it.”

Quick Facts:

  • There are only enough licensed child care spaces in Ontario for one in five children.
  • Parents in Ontario pay the highest child care fees in the country and wait on the longest lists for subsidized child care.
  • Parents pay an average of $1,152 per child, per month in child care fees
  • Wynne abandoned municipalities, refusing to pay the provincial share of child care costs and forcing municipalities to cut child care spaces.
  • The Liberal government has closed 300 schools, and has another 300 on the chopping block now – some of which housed daycare spaces.