Catherine Fife MPP, Waterloo

Government of Ontario

Ontario Needs Missing Person’s Legislation

This issue was raised by my constituent who had a missing child, and who found that the lack of legislation on this matter hindered the ability of police to investigate. This petition has already received hundreds of signatures, and I put forward a motion on this issue that received unanimous consent. Please sign today, to let the Government know that they need to make this issue a priority.

Hon. Madeleine Meilleur,

WHEREAS Ontario does not have missing persons legislation, and;

WHEREAS police are not able to conduct a thorough investigation upon receipt of a missing person report where criminal activity is not considered the cause, and;

WHEREAS this impedes investigators in determining the status and possibly the location of missing persons, and;'

WHEREAS this legislation exists and is effective in other provinces, and;
WHEREAS negotiating rights to safety that do not violate rights to privacy has been a challenge in establishing missing person’s law.

We the undersigned petition the Attorney General’s Office to work with the office of the Privacy Commissioner to implement Missing Person’s Legislation that grants investigators the opportunity to apply for permissions to access information that will assist in determining the safety or whereabouts of missing persons for whom criminal activity is not considered the cause.


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