Catherine Fife MPP, Waterloo

Government of Ontario

MPP Fife's Statement on Bill 66

Published on January 17, 2019

Dear Constituents,

Thanks to those of you have written to me regarding your serious concerns with Bill 66. Since the Bill was tabled in December 2018, my office has been flooded with emails from constituents and people across the province who are rightfully concerned about the impact this legislation will have on our province.

I share peoples’ concerns with the bill’s removal of regulations that were put in place to protect children, consumers, workers, and the environment. In particular, the Bill’s potential to open up the Greenbelt and other protected lands to industrial and commercial development through the “open-for-business” bylaw (Schedule 10) is worrying. This legislation is not about cutting red tape and creating jobs like the government claims; it is a gift to developers and Doug Ford’s friends – at the expense of rest of us.

By cutting rules that keep our drinking water safe, protect our natural environment, and ensure our cities grow up and not out, Mr. Ford is putting our ecological and personal health at risk. From a government leader in 2019, this position is indefensible.

As the NDP’s lead critic on Bill 66, rest assured that I will do everything I can as an opposition MPP to oppose these changes. In doing so, I will ensure that your concerns will be brought to the debate at Queen’s Park.

I would encourage you to sign and share my petition asking for Bill 66 to be revoked.

It is encouraging to see so many Ontarians fight this legislation. I am impressed by the leadership of local groups like Hold the Line Waterloo Region, as well as local municipal governments, who have voted to tell the province that Schedule 10 of Bill 66 is unacceptable. To everyone who has stood up against this government, thank you.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out again if I or my office can be of any assistance.


Catherine Fife, MPP