Catherine Fife MPP, Waterloo

Government of Ontario

Statement on Savio Wong, an exceptional educator

Published on May 18, 2017

Ms. Catherine Fife: It’s rare that we get the opportunity to thank those teachers in our community for decades of service, but today I get the chance to thank Savio Wong, who has announced his retirement from Waterloo-Oxford District Secondary School, where he has created a sense of community as the head librarian. He is a well-known and respected teacher in the region, a world traveller and a cancer survivor.


Savio has received awards for excellence in teaching, most recently the David Brohman Award in 2016, but the greatest praise he has received is from his students.

Ash Baer, a recent graduate, says, “Mr. Wong is the heart of Waterloo-Oxford. He takes being a high school librarian to the next level by creating a space that allows people to connect, be themselves and feel valued. He teaches students to feel pride in their school community and imagine what their own impact will be after graduation. Mr. Wong was diagnosed with cancer in 2010 and our W-O community rallied around him with a ‘Stay Strong, Stay Wong’ theme at the Relay for Life that year. It’s inspiring to see him enjoying life to the fullest.”

Former W-O principal Ed Doadt shared, “Savio is one of the finest educators I have had the opportunity to work with. He’s always there for people, students, staff and graduates. A vast source of wisdom and encouragement for all.”

He has been a teacher for 32 years and he has made a difference in the lives of students. We wish him well in the next chapter and we look forward to square dancing at his retirement party on June 17.