Catherine Fife MPP, Waterloo

Government of Ontario

All day two-way (including weekend) GO trains for Waterloo Region

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WHEREAS the Government of Ontario is responsible for investing in building, maintaining and upgrading GO Transit trains and rail routes throughout the province, and;
WHEREAS the Government of Ontario has repeatedly made commitments to invest in and improve GO Transit trains for the purposes of improving connectivity, increasing transit ridership, decreasing traffic congestion, connecting people to jobs, and improving the economy, and;
WHEREAS a lack of reliable transit options impedes quality of life and growth opportunities for commuters and businesses, including the tech sector, in Waterloo Region;
WHEREAS Waterloo Region is home to three post secondary institutions, the University of Waterloo, Wilfrid Laurier University, and Conestoga College, whose students and staff require weekday and weekend train options, and;
dependable, efficient public transit seven days of the week is critical to the growth of our Region;   

THEREFORE, WE THE UNDERSIGNED petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to provide a firm funding commitment and a clear timeline for the delivery of frequent, all-day, two-way GO rail service along the full length of the vital Kitchener GO corridor.