Catherine Fife MPP, Waterloo

Government of Ontario

Conservatives’ “housing plan” only made the crisis worse

Published on December 14, 2023

TORONTO - The Official Opposition NDP critics for Housing, Jessica Bell (University—Rosedale), and Economic Development, Job Creation & Trade, Terence Kernaghan (London North Centre), responded to a biting letter from the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) to the government.  

“Ontario is in a historic housing crisis. Instead of helping people, the Conservatives took an opportunity to make their wealthy insiders even richer – and made the housing crisis even worse for real people,” Bell said. “Their corrupt land speculation scheme has been so disastrous that the government is now under criminal investigation by the RCMP for it.” 

“The Official Opposition NDP has pitched many bold housing solutions that cut through political ping-pong and meet the housing crisis head on,” Kernaghan said. “We have a strategy to build 250,000 affordable, non-market homes over the next decade. Our plan recognizes that the private sector can’t --and won’t -- fix the housing crisis on its own. The Conservatives have repeatedly said NO to the NDP’s calls to bring back rent control that would stop the affordability crisis from getting worse.”  

“The Conservatives are playing political games with Ontario’s future, and everyone is a victim because of it – certainly the people of Ontario, but equally municipalities and developers.”