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NDP, Patients sound the alarm after losing family physician to “executive health” medical clinic with yearly fee of $4,995

Published on February 16, 2024

QUEEN’S PARK – Official Opposition NDP MPP Jessica Bell called for a crackdown on for-profit medical clinics after 1,600 patients lost their family doctor to an “executive health” medical practice that charges patients a fee of $4,995 a year. 

“About 1,600 patients had to go out on their own, at a time when Ontario has a massive family doctor and primary care provider shortage,” said Bell. “Being left suddenly without a family doctor is distressing and potentially dangerous for people’s health. 

“I am deeply concerned by the Conservatives move to allow more for-profit care into Ontario because this takes us down the path of two-tier health care. Where there is one type of private healthcare for people who can pay a $4,995 entry fee a year, and then there’s an overstretched public health care system for the rest of us. 

“Ontarians should be using their OHIP card to see their family doctor, not their credit card,” said Bell. 

The Ontario NDP is calling on the Conservatives to invest more primary care in the upcoming budget, and comply with the Canada Health Act, which prohibits extra billing and user charges for medically necessary services.    


Wendy Campbell, patient who has lost primary care 

“This isn’t just about abandoned patients, it’s about the erosion of our healthcare system. What disturbs me is the increasing profit-making sector, resulting in costs for patients and moving us away from our values that ensure universal rights. If we don’t speak out about this, we’re betraying not only the citizens of Ontario but Tommy Douglas and all the others who fought so hard to make this country a place of equal access to healthcare for everyone regardless of their ability to pay.”