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Government of Ontario

Under Conservatives’ watch, number of Ontarians without primary care grows to 2.2 million

Published on November 15, 2023

QUEEN'S PARK - France Gélinas, Official Opposition NDP Health Critic, released the following statement in response to the Ontario Ombudsman's report, which revealed a staggering record-breaking 33% increase in complaints: 

"This report further proves that Ford's Conservative government is steering Ontario's healthcare system into dangerous waters. We are witnessing the final stages of collapse, and it's time for Ford to abandon his privatization scheme. 

Under the Conservatives’ watch, the number of people without access to primary care is now 2.2 million. People who struggle to access primary care face limited options and a lack of resources. 

We knew Doug Ford wanted to send more surgeries to for-profit clinics, and now we also have the proof he is okay with Ontarians being forced to pull out their credit card to access OHIP-covered services.  

Ford's Conservatives must move away from privatization, invest in our healthcare workforce, and ensure every Ontarian has access to the care they rightfully deserve. The crisis is here, and Ontarians deserve better.” 

According to the report, the quickly declining state of Ontario's healthcare system has also led to patients being increasingly discouraged from seeking treatment due to staffing shortages. Rapid deterioration and even tragic outcomes, including death, underscore the severity of the crisis. Patients and caregivers have expressed frustration due to extended wait times, poor communication, and a prevailing sense of being dismissed by a healthcare system in complete disarray.