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June 6, 2017

Ontarians deserve affordable licensed childcare not empty Liberal promises

QUEEN’S PARK – Catherine Fife, Ontario NDP Early Years and Child Care Critic, issued the following statement. “Today’s announcement by Ministers Hunter and Naidoo-Harris does nothing to ease parent... More
June 1, 2017

Statement on Restorative Justice and Fresh Start Creations

Ms. Catherine Fife: Waterloo region is fortunate to be home to Community Justice Initiatives, a groundbreaking, non-profit organization that teaches us about the principles of restorative justice ... More
May 29, 2017

Will the Premier commit to a $15 minimum wage & implement paid sick leave for Ontario workers?

Ms. Catherine Fife: Thank you very much. My question is to the Premier. The Changing Workplaces Review—Final Report is out. There’s no getting around it now. Hard-working Ontarians have waited 14 y... More
May 18, 2017

Statement on Savio Wong, an exceptional educator

Ms. Catherine Fife: It’s rare that we get the opportunity to thank those teachers in our community for decades of service, but today I get the chance to thank Savio Wong, who has announced his reti... More
May 12, 2017

NDP calls for Wynne to turn hydro bill hike docs over to FAO

QUEEN’S PARK – Disgusted by documents showing the Wynne, Liberals will dump the cost of their hydro borrowing scheme on Ontarians’ hydro bills, the NDP is asking the Financial Accountability Office... More
May 8, 2017

FIFE: Ontario Seniors Deserve Dignity in Long-Term Care

QUEEN’S PARK – During Question Period, MPP Catherine Fife asked the Liberal government why seniors who require long-term care in Waterloo Region are being separated from their partners. More