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November 27, 2019

MPP Fife announces bill to provide couples with the right to live together as they age

QUEEN’S PARK – Waterloo MPP Catherine Fife tabled a private member’s bill Wednesday to ensure that couples have a right to live together in long-term care as they age. The bill provides couples wit... More
November 19, 2019

Minister of the Environment needs to do more to protect our water: MPP Fife

QUEEN’S PARK – Waterloo MPP Catherine Fife was encouraged to see an extension of the moratorium on water-taking posted today on Ontario’s Regulatory Registry by the Ministry of Environment, Conserv... More
October 29, 2019

Student Tenancy Rights Information Night

Looking to understand your rights as a tenant? Having trouble with your landlord?  We're here to help. I'm hosting an information night on your rights as a tenant, with special guests from WUSA (Wa... More
May 8, 2019

Autism Roundtable

On April 15, 2019 5 local parents who have children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) joined me around my kitchen table to talk about their ongoing struggle to secure adequate services for their ... More
April 9, 2019

Education Day of Action

This Saturday April 13, educators, students and community members in cities across the province will join me and my colleague, MPP Laura Mae Lindo, to build support for our demand that the governme... More
April 2, 2019

Autism Awareness Day 2019

Families of Children with Autism     April 2, 2019     Re: World Autism Awareness Day     Dear families of children with autism,   In light of the Ford Government’s recent dismantling of Ontario’s ... More